Live Action Production Timeline

This timeline outlines a typical project flow and indicates the number of business days we require to deliver a first draft along with any subsequent revisions. It's worth noting that the average production takes 8 - 10 weeks and that this does not include time required for client feedback. Complex or out-of-scope revision requests may extend the timeline.


The creative direction and framework: 2-3 days +1 day per revision round


Scripting of narration or dialogue: 2-3 days +2 days per revision round


Rough sketch of scene composition: 5-7 days +3 days per revision round

3B. Talent and Locations

Talent and location options are finalized: 1-2 days +1 day per revision round

4. Shooting

Video footage is gathered on location(s): 3-5 days +3 days per revision round

5. Editing

Editing together the footage: 10-14 days +3-5 days per revision round

6. Compositing

Titles graphics and animation added: 3-5 days +1 day per revision round

Minimum production time: 26 days