Introducing Health Hacks!

It's an exciting time for the Healthy Films team and not just because another Chicago summer is right around the corner. We're thrilled because we're ready to debut our new online video series, Health Hacks. Inspired by other great short form web content, we wanted to create fast-paced, original online videos that both educate and delight our viewers. We like to refer to its as "info-tainment".


Because we love video! Well that's an obvious answer but as a company focused on video creation, we wanted to harness the power of video to uniquely relay some important health and wellness information that usually comes across as bland.

The videos will all be around 30 seconds, so they don't require a long investment from the viewer but they do all contain at least one snippet of important health info or an easy-to-follow tip. The data and statistics that we cite are all from credible sources, so viewers can rest assured that it's reliable and accurate.

The people you see in these videos will usually be members of the Healthy Films team, although we may have some guest appearances from time to time (we're looking at you Oprah).

I've included the link to our YouTube channel above, but for those still reading you can check out our first two Health Hacks below. Feel free to share and be sure to use #healthhacks if you do.

If you have any topics or statistics you'd like us to explore, feel free to leave those suggestions in the comments below!