10 Healthcare Videos That Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Preparing for the launch of Healthy Films over the past year, we’ve spent, shall we say, an unhealthy amount of time watching videos for the health and wellness industry. And while there’s still plenty of dry, boring content out there, we were pleasantly surprised to find some companies doing video very well indeed. Here, in no particular order, are just 10 of our favorite health care related videos.

Hi, We’re Oscar / Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar brings an entirely new approach to health insurance marketing with these quirky, irreverent animated videos. The storyline says it all - a bear escapes from the zoo, hugs an innocent bystander, who is subsequently sent to the hospital, only to have the bear reappear at the patient’s home with an apologetic balloon and hot dog in hand.

What I love most about what Oscar is doing is that it’s completely different than the boring, cheesy health insurance marketing you see on TV today. They’re doing something fun, and new, and it seems to be getting noticed!

Hug it Out / BlueCross BlueShield

When BlueCross BlueShield was looking for a way to present the health benefits of the age-old embrace, they turned to Demo Duck (full disclosure: Demo Duck is the parent company of Healthy Films). What they came up with was a magical musical number complete with hugging monsters and a depressed clown. It’s fun, it’s memorable, and the tune will be stuck in your head for days. Trust me, I know.

Social Farter / Canadian Health Ministry

After a colleague sent this my way, I had to watch it all the way to the end to have any idea what the purpose was behind it. Fortunately, the concept and execution was clever and intriguing enough to keep me around. And that’s just the point. A typical, run-of-the-mill “Quit Smoking” campaign would die on the table, whereas this is just edgy and funny enough to turn some heads and make the rounds on social media.

The Mighty T / Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

I can’t imagine anything much scarier than kids having to deal with cancer, but somehow, The Mighty T manages to make the topic seem just a little more approachable, even hopeful. Using a throwback Warner Brothers style cartoon character and animation, Mighty T brings to life the cutting edge research that is happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. It’s cute, clever, engaging, completely unique, and kid friendly. Big ups to The Academy and creative direction of Mr. Colin Hesterly!

Let’s Talk Cost / BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina

BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina has been working with the wizards at Buck to produce an on-going PSA-style animated campaign. This 30-second spot promoting their minisite LetsTalkCost.com promotes behavior change to reduce healthcare costs. Clean line art design and clever transitions make this entire series a pleasure to watch.

OrthoPulse Teaser / OrthoPulse

OrthoPulse is a new orthodontic technology (not yet available in the U.S.) that claims to reduce the treatment time for braces or clear liners by half. I spent many long, agonizing years in braces, retainers, and other painful, awkward orthodontic products. What I wouldn’t give to cut that time in half! In fact, I still remember digging through my grade school dumpster in search of my $500 retainer...like the day I lost was spaghetti day in the cafeteria. Bad news. But unlike me on that fateful day, this video is clean, elegant, and straightforward. Kind of like my teeth, but not really.

BaseCase Interactive / BaseCase

BaseCase Interactive is the epitome of a potentially complicated value proposition. At it’s essence, BaseCase helps sales reps in the life sciences industry show the value of their products by turing spreadsheets into visual interesting presentations. Demo Duck was able to use colorful illustrations, quirky characters, and a clear message throughout this explainer video to tell the story of BaseCase and how it works. Imagine trying to do that with text.

BPA from Uloba / Uloba

Uloba is a Norwegian organization focused on empowering disabled individuals to take more control of their personal assistance needs. Despite me not being able to understand a single word, and not being a huge fan of subtitles either, I came away enjoying the video and grasping the general concept. The design, colors, and music go a long way towards telling a pleasant, creative story that engages the heart and imagination. Tom Rainford and the folks at Kitchen do a nice job presenting what could be an otherwise delicate topic.

The Real Bears / Center for Science in the Public Interest

CSPI launched a campaign called The Real Bears, a not so underhanded jab at Coca-Cola’s memorable polar bear campaign, to uncover the unhappy truth about soda. With the help of the talented Lucas Zanotto (and Jason Mraz) they produced an arresting 4-minute “film” documenting the health hazards of sugary sodas. They certainly could have taken the easy way out and produced statistics-ridden piece with zero heart, but this video captures the imagination and forces you to engage with the story. It’s pure genius!

The Luck Plan / Get Covered Illinois

In order to reach millennials, Get Covered Illinois (the official health exchange for Illinois) had the brilliant idea of creating a spoof media campaign, using web, print, and video, called the Luck Plan. It plays on the idea that most young, healthy people are more apt to rely on “luck” than purchase an expensive health plan. The video is funny, memorable, and shareable. Not sure what the results have been, but I have no doubt it’s getting more plays than a typical exchange commercial.

Honorable Mention

BCBS - Healthy Lunches

Seton - Welcome to Humancare

WellPoint - Real Health

All 10 of these videos cover a pretty diverse range of subjects. But all of them did it in a unique, engaging way. And no matter how serious or dry the topic, the video was able to engage us, draw us in, and deliver a message in a unique way. That’s what we’re trying to do here at Healthy Films!

If you have any healthcare video favorites, please share them with us in the comments or via social media. And don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with our latest research, videos, and posts!