5 Ways Health Companies Can Start Using Video

Healthcare is one of the hottest industries in the US right now. It’s front and center whenever you open up a news site, read the recent jobs report, and even when the in-laws are over for dinner. As healthcare’s heat index continues to rise, so does the importance of companies in the sector to stay up with online trends.

Making business video content can be one of the best ways for these companies to drive traffic, spread awareness of their mission, humanize their brand, and increase sales. Some health and wellness companies may not be sure of their options, so we wanted to highlight a few ways that health organizations can start using video.

Just like a treatment plan, there isn’t a one-size-fits all plan on how to use these different types of videos. So we tried to give you some insight on how they can be used and what it takes to produce them. We’ve also included a handy-dandy chart at the bottom that summarizes: pricing, length of production, and ease of production.

1. Explainer Video

Explainer videos have exploded in the past five years and with good reason - it’s obviously important for companies to be able to quickly explain what they do and how they do it. This can be a great opportunity for a healthcare company to get across their value proposition, while introducing a bit of their personality as well. The budget for these usually starts around $10,000 for animation and $20,000 for a live action explainer. That may seem like a lot, but the results of a top-notch explainer are tried and true.

2. Company Story Video

One of the reasons that healthcare is such a hot button issue is because it’s so personal. People are greatly affected by new laws, changing costs, and ever-changing technology. That’s why a company story video may be a great fit for your health company, it’s all about you! In a company story video, some of your key team members talk about your company’s mission, vision, and what you’re all about. It’s a great way to introduce the people behind the idea and give your customers insight into your company culture.

3. Customer Story Video

Another effective way to make a personal connection with your customers is to actually tell the story of one of them and how you help make their life better. It’s shouldn’t be a run-of-the-mill testimonial video that you see so often on TV (i.e. “I used to get headaches and now I don’t”), because a powerful customer story video needs to have a narrative on how the person is now living a better life and focus on the benefits of the product or service. The good thing about these videos is that the production is relatively streamlined and the costs tend to be bit lower than most other video formats.

4. Video Blogs

At Healthy Films, we’re big fans of video blogs because it’s a simple and consistent way to keep in touch with your audience. We find that it’s best to make video blogs short and educational, so that it’s easily shareable on your blog and social media channels. It’s also a fun way to leverage your team and their in-house knowledge and showcase your own unique culture. Video blogs are a useful tool to add to your content marketing strategy and move you up in the always valuable search rankings.

5. Product Tutorial Video

While these may not be the most exciting videos to produce, detailed tutorial videos for a web and/or mobile application are great to have. Among other uses, they can be utilized for in-app support, to answer FAQs, or serve as a pre-recorded sales demo. Product tutorials are one of the easiest videos to produce and are often the most inexpensive format.


Here is the chart we promised, that gives you a overview of the five video types we outlined above - providing you with a quick reference when you're creating your video roadmap. 


Don’t feel like you have to try to tackle all 5 of these at once. Decide which one will work best for your company and start there. It may be the best way to make yourself apart of all those healthcare conversations. Know any health companies who are already producing some great videos? Feel free to share them below