8 Critical Healthcare Video Stats

Recently, I’ve started to feel like everyone seems to be creating online video content. Elementary schools, real estate agents, even flea markets are getting in on the action. Is there anyone out there who isn’t doing video? Hardly anyone...or, so I thought.

In my research and preparation for the launch of Healthy Films, I was overwhelmed by the number of health and wellness websites that didn’t have any video content! That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of great videos in the healthcare ecosystem, but I was surprised that a greater percentage of companies didn’t see the value in adding video to their homepage or online content strategy.

Maybe they didn’t think there was value in creating a video? Perhaps they think online video is only for consumer or business facing content? Could it be they think people will have some type of allergic reaction to video? Whatever the reason, perhaps they weren’t aware of the overwhelming statistics that prove that the healthcare industry isn’t immune to the power of video.

To help convince those out there that may think otherwise (or help drive the point home for those using video already), here are 8 statistics that prove video is a necessary part of any healthcare organization’s marketing plan.

Two-thirds of physicians use online video to learn and keep up to date with clinical information (Tweet this)

In an ever changing industry, video is one of the best and quickest methods for industry pros to stay up-to-date.

80% of Internet Users look online for health information (Tweet this)

Considering YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, it’s probably a good idea to get some useful, educational video content up there.

Health videos are the sixth most popular video category (Tweet this)

If there is already traffic in your space, why not place yourself in a good place to be discovered.

38 percent of Internet users search for information about hospitals and other medical facilities (Tweet this)

Tons of retailers and small businesses use video to drive traffic, more healthcare facilities should do the same. The audience is out there!

Physicians spend about three hours per week watching video online for professional purposes (Tweet this)

Physicians are human after all, and just like most humans I know, they like to watch online video!

85% of doctors who watch professional video online have taken action as a result of watching the video (Tweet this)

If you have a strong call to action in your video, imagine the conversions you’re going to see.

25% of internet users watch health related videos (Tweet this)

A quarter of all internet users. So what if the other 75% of users are watching cat videos? If you can capture even a small percentage of that number, you're going to get some great lift from your video.

1 in 8 patients watched an online video and 31% of those went to a health insurance info site (Tweet this)

Unfortunately, we all end up hurt or sick from time to time, but that won’t deter most of us from continuing to watch online video

Hopefully these 8 stats turned you into a believer and we’ll start to see more and more businesses in the healthcare industry harness the power of video. If you don’t, your potential audience may be stuck watching videos about Art Gallery sales.