The Healthy Films Manifesto

Healthcare is often described as confusing, expensive, and downright stressful. Which is true, but healthcare also exceedingly important and very personal. Which is why we decided to start Healthy Films. You see, for the past 4 years we’ve made over 400 videos helping explain topics as diverse as cloud computing and cancer, refrigerators and rectal gas relievers for babies. Despite having tons of fun and learning about new, interesting companies everyday, we decided it was time to focus. So we’re focusing on creating video content for health and wellness brands, and here’s why:

1. We want to make a small difference

Whether it’s a hospital, health insurance, or a new health technology, there are plenty of creative people out there right now trying to make a positive difference in the world of healthcare. And we want to play a small role in helping to explain, promote, and share those products, services, and messages. With so many advances in how healthcare is being delivered, administered, and monitored, being made at a time when so many people need it, we’re excited to jump in and use our talents to make a difference, even if it’s just a small one.

2. We want to help simplify the complex

There’s so much confusion and misunderstanding in healthcare today, which is driven by increasingly complex regulations, advancing technology, and ever changing policies. We want to produce clear, concise video content that simplifies the complexities of healthcare. Whether it’s explaining a new regulation or policy, like the Affordable Care Act, introducing a new health tech app, like one for measuring and tracking fitness levels, or encouraging behavior change, like giving more hugs, we want to be a part of it.

3. We want to create personal connections

healthcare is extremely personal. In fact, it’s probably the most personal industry we know of. Yet, we often see health organizations coming off as distant and cold. We’d like to change that, and what better way than through video?

Video is a personal medium, and an extremely effective way to create a personal connection. It helps bring a brand out from behind the text and code and deliver a human touch that was once only possible through in-person contact. Video can create a link between a brand and their customers, something vital in an industry as personal as health and wellness.

4. We want to do healthcare marketing differently

We’re sick of dry, boring, lifeless healthcare marketing. There are a few companies out there doing it right, but for the most part, we think healthcare marketing needs a shot in the arm - a new, fresh approach to create a meaningful connection with consumers. We believe that whether you’re a physician, a patient, or anyone else, you want to be entertained. And we want to create content that’s fun, engaging, and makes people smile, while still delivering an important message. Just because we’re talking about “serious” topics doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we’re at it.

5. We want to continue to build our expertise

While we certainly had fun creating videos about every topic under the sun, it’s hard to become an expert in any one industry with that approach. We want to better understand the clients and viewers we’re producing content for. We want to gather insights and data around what makes a good healthcare video, what people respond to (and don’t), and what type of content actually drives action and motivates change. Most of all, we want to become experts at our craft, producing the best health and wellness video content around.