who we are


Healthy Films is now a part of Demo Duck, a Chicago video production company.

Healthcare, more often than not, is a confusing, jumbled mess. So after making some 400 videos  simplifying complex topics for products and services of all different kinds, we decided to put our eggs in one basket and focus on an industry we think really matters. So here we are! Healthy Films exists to do something different in the health care marketing space. We're all about making unique, fun, and engaging video content for health and wellness brands that drives action and motivates viewers. It's all we do!

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what we believe IN


No one ever made anything great without focus. So when we decided to focus on producing video content for health and wellness, we did it because we believe it will help us make better videos and deliver better results for our customers. 


  • Understand your organization and industry.
  • Know what resonates with your key audiences.
  • Produce relevant video content that delivers results.
  • Develop an unmatched level of expertise at our craft.


Just because healthcare can be a dry, buttoned up industry, doesn't mean your video content has to be. We believe that everyone, no matter their age or position, wants to be entertained. And for that reason we strive to produce creative, engaging, emotional work that delivers a clear, concise message.


  • Delight and inform viewers with engaging video content.
  • Help establish a more personal connection between you and your audience. 
  • Increase retention rates and the likelihood that your content gets shared. 
  • Drive action and motivate lasting change.


We believe in creating captivating content by using a concise message (2 minutes or less), a clear step-by-step system, and a comprehensive price. In short, we like to keep it simple. It leads to better results and happier customers.

WITH simplicity WE CAN:

  • Utilize a proven 3-step process for every video we produce.
  • Charge an all-inclusive, easy to understand rate.
  • Create short video content that keeps viewers engaged till the end.
  • Deliver distraction-free messaging.